Fellowship of the King Chess Club

Sunday Night Blitz Chess Tournament



Dates: October 8, November 5, December 3, 2017


Site: Donatos Pizza, 2084 N High St, Columbus, OH (OSU campus, corner of High & Frambes, just south of Lane Ave).  Games will be played in the basement party room (down one flight of stairs, no wheelchair or handicap access).  Parking on side streets, meters are free on Sunday.



·       G/5, no delay.  Pairings, number of rounds sections at TD discretion based on entries.

·       USCF membership required; Blitz-rated only, doesn’t affect regular or quick ratings.

·       Current official USCF blitz rules apply, click here to review before tournament.

·       Bring sets and clocks, none provided!  Players not bringing a set or clock risk forfeits.


Entry Fee: $10, register/pay on site, cash only, no checks or credit cards.


Prizes: 65%-75% of entry fees returned as prizes, depending on number of entries.


Schedule: Registration starts 5:30, ends promptly at 6pm.  First round 6:15pm, done by 9:30pm.


More Info: Contact Grant Neilley, grant@neilley.com (email preferred) or 614-314-1102.